Meet the Writer, Director, Film Editor and Actress Saorlaith Skye

“The entire experience in creating the film Come Die With Us has been absolutely amazing. I’ve done every role in creating this film including lighting, stage props, costume, hair and makeup, set design, camera equipment, camera operation, set equipment, gaffer, director, film editor, and actress. And I owe a huge thank you to my vocal coach, Caroline Hetherington, who was instrumental in helping me with voice training.”   – Saorlaith Skye

Saorlaith Skye is an American writer, director, actress and film editor.

In 2013 she founded Door5 Studios, an award-winning animation studio helping global clients such as Netflix, Volvo, AAA, Pfizer, Carvana, Toshiba and Meredith Corporation create visual stories that explain products, ideas, company benefits and services. She is known for her ability to explain complicated ideas and functions with visual storytelling that’s simplified and relatable to an audience.

Writing short-stories since she was a kid, Saorlaith decided to write a one-woman play called Come Die With Us which she would also be the actress. She premiered the play at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. This was the first play she’d ever written, and her first professional performance as an actress. She acted once previously with a local theatre group two years earlier. So, opening night at the Fringe was her 5th performance on stage ever. And why not? No fear, and nothing to loose the play was a huge success with several sold-out shows over a month-long run (26 consecutive shows).

The play has now been adapted into a film, which Saorlaith Skye has written, directed, edited and starred in.